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Disinfection Services

Our Reliable Disinfection Services

Universal Fumigation provides reliable and most exceptional Disinfection Services throughout Pakistan to promote best hygiene practices in industries (manufacturing sector), office buildings, public spaces (banks, grocery stores, shopping malls, restaurants, hospitals, and clinics), and people's residences. Our highly reliable and affordable Disinfection Services with our great, professionals, and highly trained staff.

The profoundly frequented public spaces require standard disinfection for giving a protected and solid climate for individuals. Better cleanliness brings about better efficiency of the labor force with less non-appearance and easily running tasks.

Through Disinfection hazing, Universal Fumigation keeps up effective pollution-free locales. Universal Fumigation has been expertly giving sterilization administrations to medical services area and corporate workplaces as a feature of their inside cleanliness upkeep. We have a fulfilled customers depending on our proficient help. Universal Fumigation support best practices in 'Safe Fumigation', where guaranteed prescriptions are utilized with low poisonousness and no damage for people and climate.

Specialist Disinfection Service For Your Premises:

Universal Fumigation a fast response, discrete, and legally compliant range of Disinfection Services to help protect your business against infectious bacteria, viruses, and disease.

Our professional and highly qualified technicians are equipped with the necessary personal protective equipment, respiratory protective equipment, and specialist disinfection equipment to work safely and effectively.

Disinfection Treatment:

Disinfection treatment annihilates the tainting from microorganisms, infections, and allergens. It lets the climate of the living space become clean for breathing and contact with the surfaces. Sanitization gives genuine feelings of serenity to people to utilize spaces unafraid of the transaction of sicknesses.

Disinfection Services must be paired up with manual precautionary measures of hand sanitization and cleaning of surfaces in most contact. Public spaces like shopping malls, grocery stores, hospitals, restaurants must carry regular disinfection sprays as part of their specific Coronavirus SOPs. Same disinfection SOPs apply for the industrial and manufacturing zones with particular precautions in high sensitivity zones.

Professional Disinfection Service (COVID-19):

Our specialist disinfection solutions provide businesses with an essential resource in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. We offer a range of services, tailored to your needs, to support your business deal with the effects of the coronavirus.

In the wake of COVID-19, disinfection of all living spaces (houses and office buildings) has become a basic need. All surfaces in contact with the human body must be deeply disinfected from bacteria and viruses. In the uncertainty of coronavirus pandemic, any contamination must be avoided.

Universal Fumigation is working together with very good quality ventures to guarantee the security of people so the businesses may continue running and assuming an imperative part in the economy during these dubious occasions.

We are joining forces with the enterprises on the side of the new standard of keeping up cleanliness without bargaining the effectiveness and efficiency of the labor force.

Precautionary Disinfection Service:

This service is available as stand-alone or regular disinfection of premises to lower the risk of cross-contamination.

  • Carried out when there are no confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19 on-site; no site survey needed.
  • Fast response, specialist disinfection to help you maintain a high level of hygiene on your premises.
  • ULV disinfection fogging and legally compliant waste removal with the option of additional touchpoint cleaning.
  • A post-treatment report confirming the service provided.

High-Level Specialist Disinfection:

This assistance is for those clients who have shut their premises inside the most recent 72 hours and who need exceptionally particular help since they've had associated or affirmed cases with the disease.

  • Carried out inside 72 hours of an affirmed or associated case with COVID-19 being accounted for on location.
  • Technicians follow painstakingly evaluated wellbeing measures: Their security and the wellbeing of the overall population is of fundamental significance to us
  • Manual sanitization utilizing a privately affirmed, undeniable level sanitizer that kills a wide scope of microbes not long after contact and has been tried against cat Covid (a substitute of COVID-19).
  • Disinfection of all touchpoints that incorporate entryway handles, light switches, hardware, work areas, and dividers.
  • Legally agreeable waste evacuation.
  • Post-treatment report gave.

The help incorporates more significant levels of bio-security and wellbeing controls and requires a site overview by one of our trained professionals.

Intermediate Specialist Disinfection:

For when you have shut your premises for over 72 hours because of associated or affirmed cases with the disease.

This help reflects government direction that, under most conditions, the measure of irresistible infections on any debased surface is probably going to have altogether diminished following 72 hours.

  • ULV sanitization misting and manual sterilization of key touchpoints covering entryway handles, handrails, push plates, light switches, controllers, taps, and work areas; legitimately agreeable waste evacuation
  • Use of RPE and PPE to forestall further disease
  • Customer premises operational ASAP
  • A post-treatment report affirming the help gave

The Intermediate Specialist Disinfection administration requires a site overview first.

For The Safety and Security of Those Around You:

There is currently a global focus on having a home and workspaces regularly disinfected to remove any viruses or bacteria that may be present.

Universal Fumigation disinfection service will ensure any virus or bacteria present in your house or office is exterminated. However, we do advise regular disinfection (at a minimum, every 2 weeks) to ensure any virus or bacteria brought into the home or office from external sources is eliminated before it can cause any physical harm to you or those around you.

This is why our Disinfection Services is provided at an affordable price - so you can rest safe knowing your home or office can be regularly disinfected at a rate that fits your budget.

We have a complete solution for your houses, offices, and business pest problem. We already deal with a lot of companies and giving them satisfactory results. You can check our client list.

We care our each and every customer provides as much comfort as we can through our Universal fumigation services.