Spring Bed Bug pest Control

Bed bugs can be a threat all year long, but spring has some unique challenges. When temperatures warm up, it can cause these insects to reproduce more quickly and spread more readily, even though they are an indoor pest control that hitchhikes from one area of infestation to the next. Not every home or business is temperature controlled. Spring is also a time for spring cleaning. Spring cleaning can lead to free furniture on the side of the road or great deals on furniture at yard sales. Do a close check of all used furniture you purchase, not just beds. Here are two more spring specific bed bugs tip:

  • When college-age kids head off to spring break, they can be exposed to bed bugs in many ways. Teach them to identify these insects and the warning signs bed bugs leave behind. It can help to protect them at school and when they come back to stay with you.
  • Memorial Day is a big holiday for some. If you find yourself on the road, heading out to visit family or friends, remember to do a quick bed bug inspection when you stay anywhere. Also, keep in mind that your friend or relative could have bed bugs in their home and not know it. It can take a month or two for a bed bug infestation to become obvious.   

Summer  Bed Bug Pest Control

While bed bugs live almost exclusively with humans and do not enter homes through cracks in exterior walls, the summer temperatures give them the warmth they need to reproduce quickly in homes and businesses that are not temperature controlled. Be vigilant to take steps to prevent bed bug infestations this summer.

  • The summer provides many opportunities for vacations and holiday travel. Always do a quick bed bug inspection when you stay anywhere and keep in mind that bed bugs are highly attracted to clothing that has been worn. Keep your laundry in a sealed plastic bag during your travels.
  • While school is out for most of the summer, your kids are likely to take advantage of sleepovers and other activities that can allow bed bugs to go from one home to another. Check the creases and cracks in carriables and put items in the hot dryer for 30 minutes to kill bed bugs in all stages of development.
  • The end of summer is the beginning of school. Keep in mind that this can increase your chances of getting bed bugs because schools offer many opportunities for close contact between children. Educate your kids on bed bug identification and how to detect warning signs.

Fall Bed Bug Pest controlControl

Bed bugs can be a threat all year long but they are a big fall pest because fall provides opportunities for these indoor pests to hitchhike from one home to the next. They’ll take advantage of Thanksgiving, so take some time to learn holiday prevention tips. They’ll take advantage of the close quarters of eager shoppers on Black Friday, so consider putting your clothes in the dryer for 30 minutes if you have been in a tightly packed crowd, and make a quick bed bug check of those deals you bought. Here are a few more fall bed bug tips to consider: