Some pests are merely a nuisance to have around. They don’t bite. They don’t contaminate foods. They don’t transmit diseases. Cockroaches do not fit any of these descriptions. At all. The fact is, cockroaches are capable of all the above things and more. Having a roach infestation is not only a social stigma, it can potentially lead to some serious health conditions and concerns.

The Negative Health Effects Of Cockroaches
Asthma: Studies have shown that the presence of cockroaches in a building can exacerbate the symptoms of asthma. When roaches leave their droppings, shed parts, and saliva, they can trigger an allergic reaction. This issue can be made worse when cockroaches invade ventilation systems, and these particles become airborne.

Stomach Illnesses: Cockroaches are filthy bugs that are as much at home on the rim of a toilet bowl as they are on your kitchen counter. Those roaches you see in your pantry may have, moments before, been crawling through sewer pipes or compost heaps, picking up all sorts of disease-causing particles. A roach that is sitting on the bristles of your toothbrush at midnight may have just been crawling around in the yard where your dog is let out to do his business. When cockroaches transfer harmful bacteria, it can result in family members having belly pain and other flu-like symptoms, among other things.

Diseases: Beyond just a tummy ache, cockroaches can also transmit serious conditions including, but not limited to, dysentery, cholera, leprosy, plague, typhoid fever, and viral diseases such as poliomyelitis.

Parasitic Worms: Roaches are able to carry the eggs of parasitic worms, which can lead not only to respiratory problems but dermatological symptoms as well.

Bites: If cockroach populations are allowed to grow large enough, there is the threat of more and more of them coming out of the walls, looking for food. And if food is scarce they will bite. The most common place for a roach to bite a human is on the eyelid since they like to nibble on eyelashes. When these bites occur they usually cause the area to become red and swollen, due to the transfer of harmful bacteria into the bite wound.

How Roaches Affect Business
There are many negative effects the presence of roaches will have on a business. Roaches can cause employee morale to go down which can, in effect, cause production to decrease, employee absenteeism to increase, and customers to be negatively affected. Furthermore, roaches can cause employees to become sick with stomach illnesses or, worse, one of the diseases listed above. When this happens, it can greatly affect the bottom line of your business.

But an even more serious threat to your bottom line comes when cockroach encounters are posted on review sites for all the world to see. Not many things can hurt a business worse than bad reviews depicting the horror of finding cockroaches. There may have been a time when a cockroach or two could be swept under the rug, so to say, but not in today’s world. You may get rid of those few roaches, but those bad reviews will take a long, long time to go away. And if bad reviews stack up, it can be detrimental.

Furthermore, if cockroaches are not kept out of your business, you may find yourself looking at a sign that says, “Closed due to a major public health hazard.” When routine health inspections are conducted, the presence of cockroaches will, at best, lead to an increase in the number of government inspections you have to endure and, worse, can end in the suspension of a restaurant health permit and closure. While you may be able to recover and reopen your business, the reputation of being roach infested will stay with you.

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