We have been working in this domain, and with time, we have evolved the methods and our manner of serving. We persistently try to become better and provide more effective service. It is due to the fact that we adapt newer and more proficient techniques to serve better, and rule out the previous ones. Consistency and quality are our hallmarks.


We have been providing fumigation services particularly in Karachi for quite few years. During this time being, we have served in various domains. We assess you get rid of all kind of pests and insects.

We have fought against disease spreading pests, and have managed to prevent them from the fumigated zones. We use effective pesticides, which causes the pests breed to vanish from existence. We are mainly focused on the factors, which would increase our efficiency.

Following are the core features of our organization:



We are considered to be the best at the above mentioned services. What we are most trusted for is the prevention of bed bugs. The bed bug control services of our firm is famous nationwide. We provide complete eradication of bed pests from your residence. Following it a brief overview of this service:


Bed bugs are some of the most known kind of pests out there to exist. Every once in a while you come to notice their breed at your residence. At times, it can be annoying and frustrating to deal with them.

Bed bugs are seemingly little insects residing with us on our residence. They suck blood out of you and causes sore injuries. They also cause rashes and irritation to your skin, and overall body. Particularly, the female bed bugs need a vast amount of blood sufficient enough for them to lay eggs and further increase their breed. They might seem harmless, and do not cause much to you, yet their vast population could be a great danger to your comfort and lifestyle.

When you want to curl up in your bed after a long and tiring day, bed bugs are certainly the last thing you would want to come across. Although, they are harmless, and do not cause any fatal disease, yet their presence causes a great dissatisfaction. The presence of merely a few of them could mean a lot of them in the near future. That is why, it is mandatory to remove them from existence.

Begs bugs eventually become a curse, when you do not pay attention to the growing number. As a matter of fact, a female bed pest lays up 1 to 4 eggs everyday and lays up to 500 eggs in its lifetime, which depends upon the bug itself. These pests suck blood for approximately 5 minutes before retreating digestion. They tend to bear from 0 Co to 55 Co. These bugs have the ability to digest 7 times more than they weigh. All in all, their over growing population could be a great threat to your peace.


When the bed pests are such threat to your comfort, you want to get rid of them, before they can increase their number. The question arises as to how one could notice their presence, as they are way too tiny to be noticed. The answer lies below.

You only need to be a bit focused to infest these bugs at your place. The small brownish red spotting on the edges of your cabinets, mattresses, sofas etc could indicate the presence of bed bugs. Moreover they continuously shed their skin and eggshells, and lay eggs every now and then, which are tiny and white, yet are noticeably sticky. A bit attention could easily make you notice their breed long before they become a huge threat.

There are more ways to notice the presence of bed bugs in your residence. If you notice reddish spots or skin rashes usually after waking up, it may indicate their presence. However, some areas which are highly infested by these bugs may cause a sweet smelling odor. In sum, their infestation before they increase their population is highly recommended and is required to have a healthy lifestyle.


When bed begs become the center of the attention, at your place, you definitely want to get rid of them. Right them, you have to go through the confusion of selecting the best of your available options.

One Roof Fumigation Services provides you best bed bug control services than its competitors. We use products that are precisely made to eradicate these insects from existence and prevent them from existing again. We perform several fumigation procedures to get rid of pests. The methodologies and products used at our firm are thoroughly tested and are proved to be authentic.


We personally analyse the area we are going to fumigate, and suggest you pest control procedures to choose from.

  • Skilled Employees:

The staff hired at Fumigation Services is especially trained to handle all sorts of situations, which they could come across at the workplace. The senior staff passes on their abilities to the trainees. The efficiency is never compromised.

  • Permanent Prevention of Pests:

After the fumigation procedure at your place, you do not have to worry about having to deal with pests for a long period of time. The ingredients used in our products permanently prevents the insects from existing.

  • Genuine Approach:

For us, honestly is the most important consideration to run any kind of business. We are genuinely transparent to the people, who place their trust in us, and render hassle free services

  • Easy Access:

One of the factors why we are the best of the available options us because we provide you hassle free access and availability. You can reach out to us at your earliest convenience.

  • Authenticity Guarantee:

The products used at our organization are recommended by the world’s renowned organization. The staff at our company is associated and affiliated with the most authentic relevant authorities of pest control services. That is the reason, why authenticity is our trademark.

  • Legal Implementation:

We are well aware of the legal proceedings of the fumigation services. We make sure to implement procedures, which are Eco-friendly and do not harm the environment at any cost.